Thanachart Plus for you and your business.

Thanachart Plus Company Limited is an Asset-based Financing provider, which is flexible and fast in providing credit facilities to its customers in order to truly meet their needs with both term loan facilities and working capital facilities, providing the business with liquidity for stable growth.

Why “Thanachart Plus”?

Total financial solution

With the expertise in financial business and financial stability of Thanachart Group, we are confident to fulfil the customers’ financial needs in a comprehensive way, with a team of financial advisory services to enhance the businesses’ liquidity and steady growth.

Fast Approval

With the understanding that supplementing liquidity is inevitable or slow approvals can lose business opportunities, we ensure that our loan approval process is faster than any banks with the timeframe of no longer than two weeks.


Customers may negotiate on terms and conditions, including credit limit to meet the customers’ utmost needs.


Thanachart Group is a financial business group known for its solid business transparency. In the past, Thanachart Capital Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries have strictly complied with the corporate governance policy, as well as the business ethics and codes of conduct for the Board of Directors, executives and employees are updated annually.

Product Details

Our Customer Groups

  • Hotel business

  • Residential real estate business

  • Food and beverage business

  • Hospital business

  • Management consulting business

  • Industrial business

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